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Wilson Group

physics department

Welcome to the homepage of the Wilson group at BC

About the group

The group is located in 145 Higgins Hall on the main campus of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA. Our research focus is the exploration of magnetism, lattice dynamics, and phase phenomena in strongly electron correlated materials and unconventional superconductors. Specific systems under investigation include the high temperature superconducting (high-Tc) cuprates, iron pnictides, and ruthenium oxides. We are also beginning an exploration of lattice dynamics in thermoelectric nanocomposite materials.

The primary experimental tool used in our studies is neutron scattering in addition to complementary scattering and spectroscopic probes. We conduct experiments at both national and international neutron and x-ray sources exploring both static and fluctuating order in condensed matter systems. Single crystal growth, novel materials synthesis, and post-growth materials' treatment are conducted within our campus research facility for subsequent study.

Contact Information


Higgins Hall Room 330E
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Phone: 617-552-1038
Fax: 617-552-8478

Group News

08/12/10 - There are currently openings for graduate students in our group. Interested students please write to

07/01/10 - Website operational

05/01/10 - Lab construction scheduled to complete on July 26th, 2010