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College of Arts and Sciences

Planning Your Minor

medical humanities

After meeting with the Director, you’ll be assigned an advisor who will help you select courses in relation to your major and your interests. Some electives or Core courses you’ve already taken may be “grandfathered” into your required electives (but remember, you can only “double count” one course at any point, either from the Core or from your major). Try to take the required Introductory course, EN 212, as early as possible in the minor, as it will introduce you to a range of disciplinary approaches (and to several BC faculty) that will help you to choose subsequent courses. Try to shape your electives around one of the following thematic clusters:

  • Global/Public Health
  • Values and Ethics
  • Mind and Body
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Medical narrative, writing and representation

The Courses link will show you which courses will be offered in the minor in 2014-15. If you have questions about courses that you’ve taken previously, please check with the Director; this list is not exhaustive.

The Senior elective

The following courses count as senior electives in 2014-15. Please let the professor know you are a minor in Medical Humanities; for this course to count as your senior elective, you need to write a final paper of at least 25 pages. In unusual circumstances, seniors may substitute a directed Readings and Research for a senior elective; in those cases, a project of 40 pages (or its equivalent) will be required.

  • BIOL5370 Literature of Neurological Disease (Kirschner)
  • COMM4465 Health Communication (Duggan)
  • ENGL491301 Disability Studies (Boesky)
  • ENGL4334 Gender Crossings (Bicks)
  • PHIL5598/THEO3598 Law, Medicine and Ethics (Paris)
  • PSYC4436 Clinical Fieldwork in Psychology (Rosen)
  • SOCY3397 Social Determinants of Health Across the Life Course (Moorman)
  • THEO5498 HIV/AIDS and Ethics (Keenan)
  • TMCE8518 Global Health and Theological Ethics (Vicini)