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College of Arts and Sciences


department of mathematics

Phone: 617-552-3750
FAX: 617-552-3789

Name Position Location Phone EMail
Marilyn Adams Administrative Assistant Carney 301 617-552-3750 X
Avner Ash Professor Carney 323 617-552-6006 X
Jenny Baglivo Professor Carney 301A 617-552-3772 X
John Baldwin Assistant Professor Carney 254 617-552-3754 X
Ian Banfield Teaching Assistant Carney 360 617-552-8276 X
Anja Bankovic
Visiting Assistant Professor
Carney 227 617-552-8204 X
Ian Biringer Assistant Professor Carney 315 617-552-3766 X
Martin Bridgeman Professor Carney 361 617-552-3770 X
Yuanqing Cai Teaching Assistant Carney 346 617-552-1466 X
Radu Cebanu Visiting Assistant Professor Carney 221 617-552-9291 X
Mustafa Cengiz Teaching Assistant      
Daniel Chambers Associate Professor
Carney 365 617-552-3769 X
Dawei Chen Assistant Professor Carney 266 617-552-1013 X
Luke Cherveny Visiting Assistant Professor      
C-K Cheung Associate Professor Carney 369 617-552-3753 X
Garen Chiloyan
Teaching Assistant
Carney 368 617-552-1730 X
Marie Clote Adjunct Assistant Professor Carney 256 617-552-3118 X
Thomas Crawford Teaching Assistant Carney 346    
Tommaso Cremaschi Teaching Assistant      
Jo-Ann Coe Asst. to the Chair
Carney 318 617-552-1201 X
Maksym Fedorchuk Assistant Professor Carney 324 617-552-3757  
Maria Fox Teaching Assistant      
Sol Friedberg James P. McIntyre Professor and Chairman
Carney 317 617-552-3002 X
Paul Garvey Part Time Faculty (fall) Carney 265 617-552-1015 X
Jonah Gaster Visiting Assistant Professor      
David Geraghty
Assistant Professor
Carney 326 617-552- X
Ellen Goldstein
Visiting Asst. Professor
Carney 229 617-552-8182 X
Joshua Greene Assistant Professor Carney 264 617-552-1007 X
Elisenda Grigsby Associate Professor Carney 357 617-552-9289 X
Robert Gross Associate Professor Carney 371 617-552-3758 X
Robert Haraway Teaching Fellow Carney 358 617-552-8205 X
Kyle Hayden Teaching Assistant Carney 370 617-552-3818 X
Dongtai He
Teaching Assistant Carney 368 617-552-1730 X
Ben Howard Professor Carney 359 617-552-0692 X
Diana Hubbard Teaching Fellow Carney 370 617-552-3818 X
Joe Johns
Visiting Asst. Fellow Carney 216 617-552- X
William Keane Associate Professor and
Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs
Carney 319 617-552-3751 X
Dubi Kelmer Assistant Professor Carney 268 617-552-6588 X
Siddhi Krishna Teaching Assistant      
Matt Lamoureux Visiting Assistant Professor      
Brian Lehmann Assistant Professor     X
Tao Li Professor
Carney 320 617-552-3767 X
Robert Meyerhoff Professor and Assistant Chair for Graduate Programs
Carney 316 617-552-3759 X
Igor Minevich Visiting Assistant Professor      
Rennie Mirollo Associate Professor Carney 373 617-552-3762 X
Scott Mullane Teaching Assistant Carney 362 617-552-8835 X
Christina Mullican Teaching Assistant      
Anand Patel
Visiting Asst. Professor
Carney 258 617-552-8820 X
Andrew Phillips Teaching Fellow Carney 370 617-552-3818 X
Patrick Quillen Part-Time Faculty (Spring)      
Nancy Rallis Associate Professor (Retired)
Robert Reed Adjunct Assistant Professor Carney 374 617-552-4897 X
Mark Reeder Professor Carney 322 617-552-4543 X
Beth Romano Teaching Assistant Carney 362 617-552-8835 X
Ned Rosen Associate Professor (Retired)
Carney 363 617-552-3771 X
Adam Saltz Teaching Assistant Carney 364 617-552-8209 X
Cihan Soylu Teaching Assistant Carney 348 617-552-3761 X
Spencer Leslie
Teaching Assistant Carney 362 617-552-8835 X
Steve Thakur
Teaching Assistant Carney 348   X
David Treumann Assistant Professor Carney 325 617-552-3756 X
Nicholas Vlamis Teaching Fellow Carney 368 617-552-1730 X
Jamison Wolf Assistant Professor of the Practice      
Andrew Yarmola Teaching Fellow Carney 368 617-552-1730 X
Shucheng Yu
Teaching Assistant Carney 362 617-552-8835 X
Melissa Zhang Teaching Assistant      

Mathematics faculty serve on various department committees.