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College of Arts and Sciences

BC Case Studies Project

department of mathematics

The Boston College Mathematics Case Studies Project, BCCase, is a now-completed, four year project that developed new training materials - Case Studies - for use in TA-training programs for mathematics graduate students, who will go on to become the next generation of university faculty.

The Case Studies enable institutions to better prepare their mathematics graduate students for their roles as teaching assistants and instructors. A more complete description of the project is given on the BCCase Studies Website.

Development Team

Principal Investigator: Solomon Friedberg

Development Team Members: Elizabeth Brown, Solomon Friedberg, Deborah Hughes Hallett, Reva Kasman, Margaret Kenney, Lisa Mantini, William McCallum, Jeremy Teitelbaum, Lee Zia, and Avner Ash.

Project Evaluator: Mary Sullivan

Project Administrator: David Foster


The Boston College Case Studies Project is supported by FIPSE grant number P116B980015 from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education, FIPSE, administered by the United States Department of Education.  Matching funds are provided by the Boston College Office of the Associate Vice President for Research and the Boston College Department of Mathematics.

Special thanks to Michael A. Smyer, former Dean and Associate Vice President for Research, and Richard A. Jenson, former Chair of the Mathematics Department at Boston College, for their support.