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Current History Ph.D. Students

history department

Fields of Interest:  


Asia and the Middle East

Britain, Ireland, and British Empire


Modern and Early Modern Europe

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American History:

Area of Interest:
Peter Berard 20th-c. U.S.; intellectual and diplomatic history
Peter Cajka Religion, politics and ideas in 20th-c. US
Katherine Carper Immigration; 19th-c. US; social history
Mimi Cowan 19th-c. urban immigration, labor, and radicalism
Michael Franczak Cold War; U.S. foreign and foreign economic policy
Jared Hardesty Colonial U.S.; Atlantic world; African diaspora
Felix Jimenez Modern Germany; Human Rights; Latin America
Joanna Kelly Religion, politics and culture in US history
Gráinne McEvoy 20th-c. U.S. immigration, race, and ethnicity; American Catholicism
Seth Meehan Antebellum U.S. religious history
John Morton Maine in the Early Republic
Alexander Noonan 19th- and 20th-c. U.S.
Adam Rathge Late 19th- and 20th-c. U.S.
Christopher Staysniak 20th-c. U.S.; Catholic American history
Clayton Trutor 19th-c. U.S. social and cultural history
Allison Vander Broek 20th-c. US history, American Catholicism, Social Movements/Social Activism

Asia and the Middle East:

Area of Interest:
Rachel Ball Women and gender in modern South Asia
Jeffery Dyer Middle East
Fumi Inoue Modern Japanese history

Britain, Ireland, and British Empire:

Area of Interest:
James Clifton Modern Britain
Erica Foss 19th Century Britain and France
Michael Franczak Cold War; U.S. foreign and foreign economic policy
Craig Gallagher British Atlantic World
Amy Limoncelli Modern Britain
Jesse Tumblin Modern Britain and Ireland


Area of Interest:
Alecia Arceo The material culture of Northumbria
Christine Bertoglio  Social and religious issues in High Medieval England and France 
David Crane Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman urban history
Matthew Delvaux Archaeology and text in early medieval northwestern Europe
Kylie Dodson Early medieval monasticism and St. Columbanus
Regan Eby Eleventh-century Brittany and Benedictine monastic charters

Janet Kay


History and archaeology of early medieval British Isles, particularly Wales


Jessica Ostrom Anglo-Saxon mortuary archaeology;
Christopher Riedel Early medieval pilgrimage and the place of Jerusalem in Western thought
Carolyn Twomey Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical history, liturgy, and art

Modern and Early Modern Europe:

Area of Interest:
Whitney Abernathy Modern France
Jared Bjornholm Modern Europe
Jessica Butler Modern Germany 
Elise Franklin Modern France; intellectual history 
Daniel Hood Democracy and violence in early-mid 19th-c. Europe
Felix Jimenez Modern Germany; Human Rights; Latin America 
Peter Moloney Modern Europe
Shannon Monaghan Transnational and Transcultural Modern Europe
Natalia Rasmussen Modern German History; Modern European History; Race and racism; African Diaspora
Kasper Volk Intellectual History; Modern Germany
Andrea Wenz Early Modern Italy