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2013-14 Core Courses

history department

Below are the Core courses offered by the History Department during the 2013-14 academic year.  The courses numbered between HS-005 and HS-087 are larger classes which meet for lectures twice a week.  Six or seven times throughout the semester, the students in these classes meet in small discussion sections which are led by Teaching Assistants.  The weeks that the discussion sections do not meet, the students have out-of-classroom assignments to complete instead.

Fall 2013

HS-005-01 Asia in the World I
Clarke MW 12:00
HS-019-01 Democracy, Rights, & Empire I Rogers MW 2:00
HS-031-01 Europe and the Modern World I Matus MW 11:00
HS-055-01 Globalization I Ivanov TTh 10:00
HS-077-01 Globalization I Stelzel TTh 9:00
HS-083-01 Globalization I
Delahanty TTh 3:00
HS-087-01 Globalization I Kuiken TTh 12:00
HS-094-01 Modern History II Spiers MWF 8:00
HS-094-02 Modern History II Spiers MWF 9:00
HS-094-03 Modern History II McEvoy MWF 1:00
HS-094-04 Modern History II Schauer TTh 12:00
HS-094-05 Modern History II Cronin TTh 4:30
HS-094-06 Modern History II Hardesty TTh 9:00*

Spring 2014

HS-006-01 Asia in the World II Clarke MW 12:00
HS-020-01 Democracy, Rights & Empire II Pendas MW 2:00
HS-032-01 Europe and the Modern World II Savage MW 11:00
HS-056-01 Globalization II Ivanov TTh 10:00
HS-078-01 Globalization II
Stelzel TTh 9:00
HS-084-01 Globazliation II Delahanty TTh 3:00
HS-088-01 Globalization II Kuiken TTh 12:00
HS-093-01 Modern History I Dept. MWF 9:00
HS-093-02 Modern History I Dept. MWF 12:00
HS-093-03 Modern History I Dept. TTh 9:00*
HS-093-04 Modern History I Dept. TTh 12:00*
HS-093-05 Modern History I Dept. TTh 4:30*