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Faculty Publications

communication department

The Communication faculty study communication practices ranging from oral and written language, audio and video media, to digital narratives. The department is organized around three broad areas of research - argument and rhetorical studies, interpersonal communication, and media studies - and these interests bring together faculty with a broad range of backgrounds and expertise.

Since 2000, the Communication faculty have won or shared the following awards recognizing outstanding scholarly research or excellence in the classroom:

Distinguished Research Award - International Visual Literacy Association

Distinguished Scholar Award - Broadcast Education Association

Distinguished Service Award - Eastern Communication Association

Everett Lee Hunt Award - Eastern Communication Association

Franklyn S. Haiman Award - National Communication Association

Golden Anniversary Monograph Award - National Communication Association

Gregg Phifer Award - Commission on American Parliamentary Practice

Karl Wallace Memorial Award - National Communication Association

Past President's Award - Eastern Communication Association

Phi Beta Kappa Outstanding Teaching Award - BC Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa

Randy Majors Award - National Communication Association

Robert M. O'Neill Award - National Communication Association

Stanton Fellow Award - International Radio & Television Society Foundation