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Undergraduate Research

biology department

Parents Weekend
Assoc. Prof. Junona Moroianu (left) with biology students Sophie Forte (middle) and Jennifer Bordeaux (right) at the Parents' Weekend Poster Session.

Frequently Asked Questions, How to Get Started

Advanced Independent Research

Beckman Scholars Program

The most direct and obvious counterpoint to a broad liberal arts experience is an intensive immersion in the practicing elements of a discipline. In Biology, involvement in the research laboratory often provides such a counterpoint.

The Biology Department at Boston College is an environment committed to teaching and rich in academic scholarship; an environment that offers undergraduates the opportunity to fully participate in federally- and privately-funded research activities under the guidance of our full-time faculty. This research experience also connects our undergraduates to a larger scientific community, one including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and research professionals. It’s a great opportunity, but one that does require some focus and planning.

Please refer to the FAQ for a more complete overview of the undergraduate research program. Additional questions should be directed to Professor Mary Kathleen Dunn.