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Data Club

biology department

Data Club Schedule (Spring 2014)

Data Club is held in Higgins 310, generally on a Thursday from 3-4 p.m.


Presenter 1

Presenter 2


Chiles  (Michelle Archibald)
"Fabrication and characterization of a novel nanodendrite-based electrochemical sensor for the detection of disease biomarkers."

Williams (Jennifer Campbell)
 "Twerking Trafficking with Tysabri"


Hoffman (Charlie Hoffman):
"Building Better Bathtubs with
S. pombe"

Clote (Evan Senter)
"Using 2D Energy Landscapes to Approximate RNA Folding Kinetics: Harder Better Faster Stronger"


Cam (Peter Johansen)
"Epigenetic regulation of meiotic homologous recombination at repetitive elements in fission yeast."

Gubbels (Sudeshna Saha)
" Deciphering the Ca2+ signaling mechanism in Toxoplasma invasion and egress"

2/18/2014 *Tuesday

Johnson (Kate Halm)
"The ancient virus in your genome - Is it dead yet?"

Muskavitch (Adam Jenkins)
"Dumb and Dumber: What Do Mosquitos, Tuxedos and RNAseq Have in Common?"


Williams (Joshua Walker)

Annunziato (Tony Annunziato)
"To Split or Not to Split, That is the Question..."


Meyer (Betty Slinger)
"The Hunger Games in a test tube: Evolving a synthetic RNA for ribosomal protein S15"

Cam (Pat Grady)
"Express yourself! Noncanonical roles for Set1 in repetitive element regulation"


Seyfried (Zeynep Akgoc)
"Bursting the starved tumor cells: Warburg meets his ketone bodies"

Muskavitch (Kim Regna)
"Why did the mosquito cross the road?  How genetic and pharmacological manipulation of GPCRs can create detours."


5/8/2014 Lowery (Laura Anne Lowery)
"Building Better Brains with +TIPS"
Johnson (Ted Diehl)
"Rise and fall of an ancient retroviral lineage revealed in the genomes of modern mammals"