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Lab Members, Students & Friends

Chiles lab

Some recent Chiles Lab members (l-r): Dr. Derek Blair, Carrie Wardle, Anthony Faber, Dr. Jennifer Mataraza, Cheryl Doughty, Prof. Thomas Chiles, Maria Gumina, Blair Bleiman


Res. Assoc. Prof. Dong Cai


Grad. student Maria Gumina


Post-doc. Derek Blair, PhD


Senior Res. Assoc. Fay Dufort


Post-doc. Peter Bartholomew, PhD


Post-doc. Huaizhou Zhao, PhD
Grad. student Kristin Horton


Grad. student Anthony Faber and Post-doc.Derek Blair



Grad. students Anthony Faber and Pascal Losambe

top are some fun photos...

Chiles' lab members brainstorming an idea

Tom and Fay

Tony and Tom

Kristin and Tom

Tom and Dong



Dong and Tom

Dong and Fay

Prince of Darkness stops by the lab





Cheryl from Chemistry

Chenjia with friends



Graduate student Lu Ren


Our Dogs

G'man and Kodak




New addition, Gabby


Muffin contemplates the cell cycle


 The Lab with Friends




Marlborough High School students working on a science fair project in the lab



Tom at NY City Marathon Expo '08

Wish we were here...


Maria, Derek and Fay in San Diego '07

Dong and Paul at Maria's graduation party '09

Derek and Cheryl

Tom's Freshman Cornerstone Advising Seminar Trying Wheatgrass for the First Time Boston Night Out Boston Night Out

2010 Chicago Marathon