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Woods College of Advancing Studies


FALL 2014

Professors: Francis Fallon, A.B., M.Div. St. John, Th.D. Harvard; Lorenz Reibling, B.A. Munchen-Kolleg Techniche, Cand. Ph.D. Ludwigs-Maximilians, M.S. Boston College; James Weiss, A.B. Loyola of Chicago, A.M., Ph.D. Chicago.

ADTH 100201  Biblical Heritage II: New Testament
A study of the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.
The unique approach of each of the four evangelists to the person of Jesus as an historical figure and Son of God is studied with emphasis on theme and theological symbol.
Fall, Tues 6:30–9, Sept 2–Dec 9, Professor Fallon

ADTH 101601  Introduction to Christian Theology I  
This course considers significant questions in conversation with some of the most important writings in the tradition of Western Christian thought. Its purpose is to encourage students by drawing systematically on primary sources of historical significance to uncover the roots of the Christian faith and life and to delineate the values for which this tradition of faith stands.
Fall, Tue 6:30–9, Sept 2–Dec 9, Professor Weiss

ADTH 148201  Hitler, The Churches, and the Holocaust
To better understand the climate and complexities that contributed to the Christian church's weakened responses to Hitler's policies, the course examines the development of Christian anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism and nationalism. It analyzes the resistance that emerged in response to totalitarianism and to the Holocaust, and considers the main Christian post-Holocaust efforts as they contribute to theological development and current thinking..
Fall, Wed 6:30–9, Sept 3–Dec 10, Professor Reibling