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Woods College of Advancing Studies



Professors: John Aversa, A.B., A.M. Boston College; Daniel W. Chambers, B.S. Notre Dame, A.M., Ph.D. Maryland; Marie Clote, D.E.A. Universite Paris VII; Kenneth St. Martin, A.B., M.S. Boston College.

MT 04101  Exploring Topics of College Mathematics
MT04101 Syllabus
This continuing course will complete the remaining College Algebra topics and then familiarize students to additional branches of mathematics in the fields of elementary probability and statistics. Topics covered will be linear and systems equations, inequalities, radical expressions, quadratic equations, union and intersection, and probability and statistics. Additional topics may be introduced if time permits.
Spring, Sat 9–12, Jan 18–May 3, Professor St. Martin

MT 05401  Precalculus
MT05401 Syllabus
This one semester course treats the algebra and analytic geometry necessary for calculus and other college mathematics courses. Topics include a review of algebra, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometry. Modeling and problem solving are emphasized throughout.
Spring, Thurs 6:30–9, Jan 16–May 8, Professor Aversa

MT 35301  Statistics
MT35301 Syllabus
Introduction to inferential statistics covering description of sample data, probability, binomial and normal distribution, random sampling, estimation, and hypothesis-testing.
Spring, Wed 6:30–9, Jan 15–May 7, Professor Chambers