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Woods College of Advancing Studies



Professors: John Donnelly, B.A. Colgate, M.S. Boston College, C.F.A. Massachusetts; John Glynn, B.S. Boston College, J.D. Suffolk, L.L.M. Boston University, C.P.A. Massachusetts; Thomas Huse, A.B., M.S.F. Boston College, C.P.A. Massachusetts; Paul Recupero, B.S. Newbury College, M.M. Cambridge College; Jason Williams, B.S. Boston College, C.P.A. Massachusetts.

BA 08101  Financial Accounting
BA08101 Syllabus
The basic accounting course. Financial statements, fundamental accounting concepts, procedures, terminology and contemporary financial reporting are introduced using state-of-the-art business software.
Spring, Tues 6:30–9, Jan 14–May 6, Professor Glynn

BA 08201  Managerial Accounting
BA08201 Syllabus

Prerequisite: BA 081 or equivalent
Managerial accounting introduces the decision making process of firm management. Topics include activity-based costing, cost-volume-profit relationships, segmented reporting, profit planning, standard costing and the statement of cash flows. Problem solving is accomplished through computer software accompanying text.
Spring, Tues 6:30–9, Jan 14–May 6, Professor Williams

BA 08401  Intermediate Accounting II
BA08401 Syllabus
Measurement and reporting of liabilities, stockholder’s equity, intercorporate investments, business consolidations and a thorough analysis of cash flow reporting are studied.
Spring, Tues 6:30–9, Jan 14–May 6, Professor Huse

BA 12501  Financial Statement Analysis
BA12501 Syllabus
Prerequisite: Familiarity with Financial Accounting, Finance, Excel and accessing data on the Web
Introduces how financial information impacts organizational decision making. Examines accounting theory and practice, information presentation, market valuations of companies, investment decisions relative to debt, budgeting and forecasting. Topics include financial statements, financial condition analysis, present value, time value of money, budgeting, long-term asset and liability decision making as well as the influence of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Case studies expand discussions.
Spring, Thurs 6:30–9, Jan 16–May 8, Professor Donnelly