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What is is a cross-agency E-Government initiative, designed to improve access to Federal financial assistance via the Internet:

  • Spans 26 Federal grant making agencies
  • Offers over 1000 grant programs representing over $400 billion in annual awards provides unified “electronic storefront” for all customers of Federal grants to:

  • Find grant opportunities
  • Apply for grants

Soon, all 26 Federal grant-making agencies will require electronic application through the web portal of  OSP is working hard to keep faculty and staff prepared for all the upcoming changes. 


What you need to know

Plan ahead! The time for processing electronic submissions is prolonged due to the often complex agency validations.  Allow at least five business days in advance of the deadline for OSP to process your application to ensure an on-time, error-free submission.

Principal Investigators and Departmental Administrators DO NOT REGISTER with Anyone can access grant opportunities and download and complete application packages.  OSP personnel are Authorized Organizational Representatives, registered with and able to submit applications on behalf of Boston College.  AOR access will be restricted to OSP staff at Boston College.

Special software is required to access and complete applications.  Windows users may download Pure Edge Viewer, but this software is currently incompatible with Macintosh, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

Special instructions are available for non-windows users.  Keep in mind that access to a PC is all that is required to complete an application.  The narrative and other programmatic elements such as biosketches and references which are attached to the application can be developed on any machine.

When you’re preparing to submit an application to, contact OSP immediately.   We can advise you of the special technical requirements and review process.



Agency-Specific Application Guides:

Agency Transition Plans