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WC Support & Discussion Groups

Two women having a conversation in the Women's Resource Center

Support Groups

The support groups of the Women's Center provide a space for community members to meet, discuss, and navigate issues central to their identity. Members of WC support groups provide each other with help and support by drawing from their own personal experiences while listening and accepting the experiences of other members. While not limited to these topics, our current support groups are rooted in issues associated with eating disorders, sexual orientation, and rape and sexual assault.

The support groups currently offered by the WC include HEAL, Prism, and Horizon.

Discussion Groups

The discussion groups offered by the Women's Center serve as a forum for BC students to explore their personal relationships and experience with women's rights and gender issues. Most discussion groups meet once a week in the WC and provide members with an opportunity to bring up topics related to current events or issues facing the BC community and beyond.

The discussion gropus currently offered by the WC include UnSaid, Think Tank, and UnCovered.