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Clothesline Project

The clothesline in front of O'Neill Library

The Clothesline Project is an initiative that began in 1990 to show support for survivors of rape and sexual assault by writing messages of support, hope and survival on different color t-shirts that are hung up in public. At BC, the Clothesline Project manifests itself as a display of messages on shirts hung in O'Neill Plaza, which serves as a visual reminder to the Boston College community of the prevalence of rape, sexual assault, and domestic or intimate partner violence.

The Clothesline Project is a completely interactive program where students are encouraged to create shirts to show support for survivors and survivors can draw or write their stories in a confidential and safe way.

This year, the Clothesline Project will take place during October as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and again in April as part of Concerned About Rape Education Week.