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Frequently Asked Questions

.....which we can answer for you

Where is the WRC?

The Boston College Women’s Resource Center is located in McElroy 141, next to the Apple Store. Click here for directions and hours.


Who works at the WRC?

Learn more about the WRC staff here.


Who is welcome at the WRC?

Every member of the Boston College community, including students, staff and faculty, is welcome to the Women’s Resource Center. We are a space that respects and celebrates people of all sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, religions, ages, abilities and, especially, genders.


 Why isn’t there a Men’s Resource Center?

Both men and women, as individuals at Boston College, have a wide array of needs and concerns, some of which are not fully met by the University. We each deal with a unique set of challenges based on gender, race, and sexual orientation, among other factors. However, as a gender, women have historically faced prejudices, practices, and policies that specifically aim to strip their power, often by limiting access to education and career opportunities. These struggles are no less relevant to our own campus.

We encourage and are deeply committed to men's growth and development, and work closely with Brotherhood for Change (BFC), a student-run organization started with the help of a male staff member at the WRC. Counseling opportunities are also available specifically for men through The Men's Group, held by University Counseling Services. We are more than open to engaging in dialogue about how to better support men at the WRC, and hope that both men and women will come by the WRC to continue this conversation.

Men face distinct issues at BC, but to create a Men's Resource Center undermines the historical and institutional disempowerment that women have faced and continue to face at BC and across the globe.


How is the Women's Resource Center connected with other departments, centers, and programs on campus?

The Women’s Resource Center falls under the Office of Health Promotion in the Division of Student Affairs and is a collaborative partner of several organizations on campus such as Health Services, Counseling Services, AHANA Student Programs, the Women and Gender Studies Program, UGBC, GLC, and Nutrition. The WRC refers students to these groups and co-sponsors events with these and other groups on campus throughout the academic year.


How can I get involved in the WRC?

There are a variety of opportunities for BC students and faculty to get involved in the WRC. We need many volunteers to help out with events we plan, especially during campaign weeks such as Love Your Body Week or Concerned About Rape Education Week. If a student is interested in working at the WRC, he or she can apply when we advertise for available positions typically at the end of each semester. A student could also train to become a Bystander Intervention Education presenter or a SANet advocate if they are interested in preventing or addressing sexual violence on BC’s campus.

There are also several discussion groups run by the WRC which students can join. Women’s Think Tank is a group in which students discuss feminist issues on campus, locally and globally. Members of Mosaic meet to discuss issues affecting women of color. UnCovered is a book club whose discussions will be led by a professor and will address themes in the readings such as masculinity/femininity, gender identity, and sexuality.  


Why would someone come to the WRC?

If someone needs to speak to a peer counselor or the director, the WRC staff is available during office hours to speak to walk-ins. If a student is interested in getting involved in the many programs or activities we run through the office, he or she could stop by to sign up to participate or get more information.

The WRC also houses a library with books available for check out. The books in the library address women’s issues as well as matters of social justice, race and sexuality. We ensure that the WRC remains a safe space where students can come to relax on the couches and hang out with the staff.


What if the WRC is closed and I need to talk to someone immediately?

If you are in need of assistance outside the working hours of the WRC there are several services you can call.

 SANet (Sexual Assault Network): 617-552-BC11

 BCPD (Emergency): 617-552-4440

Counseling Services Psychologist:
- on call during office hours: 617-552-3310
- when offices are closed: 617-552-3227


What if I have another question about the WRC?

If you have further inquiries about the WRC, please feel free to stop by during our office hours which are 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays. We can also be reached by phone at 617-552-3489 or by e-mail at