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Featured Feminist

The Featured Feminist column is a new initiative developed last year by the WRC which aims to debunk the common stereotypes and stigma associated with the word "feminist." By highlighting the profiles and achievements of dedicated, passionate individuals in the Boston College community, the WRC staff hopes not only to foster a greater sense of appreciation for people who bring the ideals of equality and social justice into their daily lives, but also raise awareness in the BC community towards a more positive and inclusive definition of the word feminism.

If you would like to nominate someone to become a Featured Feminist, please click here. An archive of our past Featured Feminists is available here.

Featured Feminist

featured feminist

Bridget Manning

School & Year: A&S 2015

Major: Sociology

Minor: Ethics and International Social Justice



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a junior at BC and studying abroad in Barcelona this spring. I am lucky enough to be studying what I love and if I could be a student for my entire life I probably would (minus the exams).  I live for my family and my friends. A great conversation with a friend or with a stranger will just make my day. I am a huge nerd and I let everyone know it!


2. What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about social justice. I know that is a huge topic, but I just find it so interesting. I have begun to narrow it down a bit. I am more interested in social justice internationally, and specifically women’s health has really sparked my interest.


3. How do you define "feminism"?

I have REALLY struggled with how I define feminism. It has been a struggle because my views change constantly because my peers challenge me on a regular basis. I believe feminism is the ideology that women and men are equal in principle and this must be realized in society. Equality in material possessions and legal rights is just the beginning.  Feminism is an ideology that strives for both measurable and immeasurable gender equality; both on paper and in everyone’s minds.


4. Why do you identify yourself as a feminist?

I am a feminist because women are not yet equal to men, period.  Although we are on our way, women are continually discriminated against in more measurable ways (unequal pay) but also in less measurable ways (devaluing women’s ability to contribute to society, sexist ideas and behaviors). I don’t believe we live in a post-feminist world, just because we say we are equal doesn’t make it so.


5. Who or what inspires you?

My peers, friends, family, and random strangers inspire me on a regular basis. The little moments in life are what inspire me, when people show their passion for life and for others. My parents have both been such an inspiration for my brother and me; I will never be able to repay them for that. When in doubt, smile!