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Education Workshops

The goal of the education sessions is to foster a conference environment of collaborative learning among student leaders from Jesuit colleges and universities. In a spirit of shared principles and ideals, our hope is to provide a forum in which our students can think about their current leadership roles, their methods of identifying and negotiating challenges, and a deeper understanding of Ignatian principles.

The clarifying questions below provide delegates with a guide to develop education session presentations that address diverse perspectives and experiences but within a common set of analytic lenses that specifically point to the 2014 conference theme of “First to Love.”


Please see below for resources from your favorite Education Workshops!

* Man Up.pdf
Presented by Danny Zepp (
* NJSLC Bid Process.pptx
Presented by Maria Ireland, Teddy Raddell, Katie Nowak
* Creative Leadership.pptx
Presented by Anna Abowd
* College Campus Mental Health.pptx
Presented by Markie Pasternak

Small Actions Inspire Social Change Presented by Melissa Haggerty