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BC Leaders for Others


BC Leaders for Others is a leadership development program open to all students who want to expand their leadership skills. 

We focus on the Social Change Model leadership values of Citizenship, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility, Consciousness of Self, Congruence, Commitment, and Change.

Students who participate in BC Leaders for Others will have an opportunity to reflect on and discuss their personal philosophy of leadership, the challenges they face in leading (and being led), and the skills necessary to effectively lead others.


Spring BCLFO Consultations





BC Leaders for Others (BCLFO) Club Consultations are an opportunity for student organizations at BC to have personalized access to the Peer Leadership Consultants (PLCs). The PLCs will meet with club leaders to discuss specific areas where the club can use some extra tools. Based on the initial meeting, the PLCs create a 60-90 minute session specifically focused around the club’s individual needs and goals. Like the BCLFO workshop series, the consultations also count for training hours. Please click on this link to fill out an interest form and our PLCs will get in touch to set up a time to meet:


Spring BCLFO Sessions - TBA





Fall BCLFO Consultations





Together an Ocean:  Discovering Collaboration

Description: This workshop will help students discover the power of finding identity, exploring diversity, and working together by engaging in activities and conversation.

Dates: October 2, 2013 & November 4, 2013

Common Purpose

Summon the Energy: Building a Common Purpose

Description: This workshop will offer the opportunity for students to reflect upon individual values and passions, create a personalized vision, and strengthen their understanding of common purpose.

Dates: October 21, 2013 & November 13, 2013

Controversy with Civility

From Debate to Dialogue: Where is the Love?

Description: This workshop will allow students to examine their individual personalities in order to understand how they can best approach a variety of issues, and will offer the tools necessary to have effective and productive dialogues during challenging circumstances.

Dates: October 16, 2013 & November 18, 2013


Congruent Leadership: Be Yourself and Lead Effectively

Description: This workshop will help students understand their values and deepen their sense of self in order to be authentic and effective leaders.

Dates: October 7, 2013 & October 30, 2013

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