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Late Applicants

2013-2014 academic year

Current students may apply for need-based financial aid during the 2013-2014 financial aid year. You should complete all filing requirements as soon as possible. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Late applications will be reviewed as time and funds permit.
  • Applications and supporting materials that are postmarked after April 15, 2013, may not be awarded Boston College Grant funds even if such funds have been received in the past.
  • Late applications will be reviewed only after all on-time, completed applicants have been reviewed
  • Certain types of financial aid may no longer be available by the time your application is processed.


All applicants must submit the required documents by the April 15, 2013 deadline.

Applications postmarked later than the April 15 deadline will be considered LATE and will be subject to a reduction in the amount of financial aid awarded.

Form Additional
Deadline Submit to:
1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (online FAFSA) or paper FAFSA (pdf)
BC FAFSA code:
As soon as possible after January 1, but no later than April 15 Complete online or submit paper form to the federal processor. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Boston College Undergraduate Financial Aid Application and Instructions

April 15 BC
3. Copy of your parents' 2012 federal tax return, including all schedules and W-2 statements

April 15 BC
4. Copy of your 2012 federal tax return, including all schedules and W-2 statements

April 15 BC
5. Completed Noncustodial Parent's Statement, if applicable

April 15 BC
6. Copy of your noncustodial parent's 2012 federal tax return, including all schedules and W-2 statements

April 15 BC
7. Completed
Business/Farm Supplement, if applicable. If the business files federal tax returns (e.g., partnerships and corporations), submit the 2012 federal business tax return, with K-1s and all schedules attached, in lieu of the Business/Farm Supplement

April 15 BC
8. Summer Work-Study Application Complete only if interested in Work-Study for Summer 2013 April 15 BC


The mailing address for Boston College financial aid documents is:

Boston College Financial Aid Processing Center
P.O. Box 489
Randolph, MA 02368

All documents should be labeled with the student's name and Eagle ID number to allow us to quickly match them with the student's file.

Application Status

Your application will not be considered complete until ALL of the required forms have been received. You can check your financial aid application status through

Please note: Boston College Student Services is committed to being a paperless office. All documentation sent to Student Services is scanned by our document imaging service. During peak periods, it can take a week for the information to show as received. The information that you see online is the same information viewable to Student Services staff. Please allow time for information to be received by mail and scanned when checking your application status.