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All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) go to for information and forms pertaining to Student Organizations activities.

What is an Outside Vendor Form?

An Outside Vendor Form is used to pay a non-BC person or company for goods, services, and related expenses.  A BC Vendor ID Number is required to complete the Outside Vendor Form.

How Do I Get the Vendor ID Number?

For a first time vendor, a W-9 Form needs to be electronically submitted to Accounts Payable. A BC vendor ID will be generated in the system within 48 hours. Contact to check if the vendor is in the system.

Why does Boston College need a W-9 Form from vendors?

The W-9 Form protects the University from filing information incorrectly on a Form 1099 (Internal Revenue Services) which will result in fines.

I asked my vendor to complete the W-9 Form, but have not received notification regarding the vendor status

Email to have a representative search PeopleSoft to see if
your vendor has been set up.

The vendor already completed a W-9 Form and has been given a Vendor ID Number but I do not know the number

Email and a representative will look up the Vendor ID Number for you.

If I am only paying someone for expenses, do they still need to complete the W-9 Form?

If all the payments you are making to this individual are strictly expense reimbursements, a W-9 Form is not required.

What is a BC Student Reimbursement Form?

A BC Student Reimbursement Form is used to request a reimbursement to a Boston College student for a Registered Student Organization (RSO) expenditure. A BC student who has spent his or her own money must request a receipt for the purchased items, and submits the original receipt for the items purchased with the request form to the SABSC.

How Do I Pay a BC student for contract services?

A student contracted to perform a service (example: DJ for a dance, dance instructor, light and sound manager, etc.), must be hired through Student Services.  For more information contact  or stop by Maloney Hall 242.

How long does it take to process a payment?

It takes 7-10 business days for a payment to be processed through the University system. All student reimbursements are paid via direct deposit. To sign up to receive reimbursements via direct deposit click here, print and fill out the form, and fax the completed form to Accounts Payable or attach to the BC Student Reimbursement Form.  If the payee does not sign up for direct deposit, the check will be mailed to the payee’s permanent mailing address listed on the request form.

What if our treasurer quits?

A Treasurer is required for an RSO to be active. All new treasurers must contact the SPO for training arrangements. If you have trouble replacing your treasurer, please see your SPO advisor.  Treasurer must submit all financial requests using MyBC.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my funding allocation?

Visit the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) webpage at or email SOFC at; call SOFC at (617)552-1763 or stop by SOFC during office hours at Maloney Hall 254T.

How do I contact the SABSC? How can I learn more? How can I give feedback and suggestions?

Email the SABSC at if you are a student or if you are staff member or external; schedule an appointment at 617-552-1586; or stop by the SABSC, Maloney Hall 251, during walk-in hours to see or speak with a SABSC representative.