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Financial Policies

club treasurers information

  • For more details please read:
Treasurer Information and Financial Guidelines
Quick Information guidelines to Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

Expectations of a Treasurer

  • Reads carefully all of the documents provided at Treasurers' Training
  • Manages and oversees all financial transactions of the RSO
  • Maintains regular contact with the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) and attends mandatory Treasurers' workshops. The treasurer MUST be present for all meetings with the SABSC
  • Prepares Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) budget proposal appropriately by attending mandatory SOFC meetings, prepares proposal materials as directed, and meets submission deadlines
  • Maintains detailed records of revenues and expenses of the organization and balances records to monthly printouts provided by the SABSC, and sets-up an appointment with a SABSC representative immediately if there is a discrepancy - either too high or too low
  • Reports monthly to organization's leadership on state of financial affairs
  • Reconciles P-Card monthly statements when charges are incurred on the P-Card
  • Reconciles events to ensure that internal charges (e.g. BOC, BCPD) are accurate and paid
  • Delivers event revenue for deposit to your club account
  • Prepares checks for deposit by writing the club fund source number on the back of all checks