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Off-Campus Housing Fair

office of residential life

At the housing fair, you will have the opportunity to meet with local rental agents who will be prepared to show you apartments around the BC area. In advance of attending the housing fair, become familiar with the information on our website about general off-campus topics such as options for liiving off campus, tenant rights and responsibilities, etc.

The housing fair is especially great for those who want to meet prospective roommates in person. To list yourself as a prospective roommate, and to search for established apartments where students need roommates, please visit our Off-Campus Roommate Finder page; your BC password is not required for access.

If you choose to live alone in an apartment, or you are interested in renting a room in a private home with a family or exchanging services for free room and board, you can successfully search for these types of housing any time throughout the summer. Your BC password is required for online access to these categories of housing. If you have not yet received BC credentials, you can email a request for listings to New listings are posted daily on our web site.

Residential Life staff will be at the housing fair to guide you through your search. Also attending will be representatives from banks, furniture companies, and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (the “T”).

Upcoming Housing Information Sessions:

Off Campus Housing Fair - TBD 2015

You may also wish to check out the off-campus Local Area Information on our website for a current list of bed & breakfasts, inns, guest houses, hotels, and motels — many in close proximity to Boston College.