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Additional Trainer Services

Health & Fitness Assessment

Let one of our certified trainers provide you with a body-fat assessment, flexibility assessment, muscular strength and endurance measurements, neuromuscular balance assessment, and a cardiovascular fitness evaluation. Exact modality of each testing component can vary from member to member. The full evaluation takes approximately 1 hour. You will receive feedback on all your results including general exercise recommendations. We recommend evaluations take place at least six weeks apart.

Cost: $25 Members, $35 Non-Members


Body Fat Analysis
Our Graduate Assistant for Fitness will use the hand-held BIA (bioelectrical impedence analysis) to measure body fat. These measurements enable the staff to determine how much of the total body weight consists of body fat versus lean body mass (muscle, water, bone). This assessment takes less than 5 minutes. General feedback is provided after the assessment.

Cost: FREE, email to schedule, no extra paperwork is necessary


Personal Workout Plan & Program Design
The personal workout plan consists of two sessions, one to discuss your goals and to complete an initial assessment, and one for the trainer to take you through your personalized workout. The personal fitness plan will be ready a few days after your first appointment. Additional sessions can be purchased with a trainer if you would like the trainer to take you through the personal workout plan again. Regular personal training fees would then apply.

Cost: $85 Members  $105 Non-Members



To schedule any of these services or for more information, contact Hilary De Vries, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, at (617) 552-6094 or