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Class Descriptions

We offer many group fitness classes for our members. Each class and instructor will be somewhat different in his or her style, experience and overall teaching technique. Make sure you try out a variety of classes with a variety of instructors to find what you like best. Our classes are not leveled as beginner, intermediate or advanced, because most workouts can be modified for different fitness levels. Please keep in mind though, not all classes will be appropriate for every person, but we believe we have something for just about everyone.


BARRE FITNESS: Pilates, ballet moves (without dancing), and strength training combined to give you a burn-inducing fun class!

BC-X: High-intensity, high-impact interval training combined with body weight and plyometric exercises! BC-X is ideal for Tough Mudder and Spartan Race training. A live DJ plays in some classes!

BC-X & Barbell: NEW SPRING 2014! This new class has all the high-intensity, high-impact interval training of BC-X, but we’ve raised the bar, literally.  Nonstop interval circuits will include body weight and plyometric exercises but with the added challenge of the Iron Grip Strength Equipment. Expect a full-body workout combining resistance strength training and cardio endurance.

BOOTCAMP: Basic bootcamp-style workouts incorporate minimal equipment for a full body workout. The class will be held inside and outside so be ready with your attire! No drill sergeants allowed!

BUNS, GUNS & ABS: Abs, arms and glute work all set to the beat of the music. No cardio included.

CARDIO KICKBOXING: Jab, punch, and kick your way through a fun and intense workout. This class combines techniques from various martial arts, boxing and kickboxing.

PUMP IT UP: NEW FALL 2013! Barbell moves are set to great music to get that muscle pump going. Each major muscle group is focused on during this strength-training routine.

RIPPED RIDE: Indoor cycling for the first half with a strength-based class for the second half! Enjoy this fun, challenging cardio-sculpt class. Be prepared to sweat!

SPIN: Indoor cycling taught to energizing music by a wide variety of instructors!

TBC-STEP (total body conditioning with step): Toning work from head to toe with cardio, strength training, and abs included. This class combines basic step movements so no crazy step combinations here!

X-FIT: Aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular drills, strength training, and more! This class will benefit any committed individual. Our motto: No one has ever drowned in his or her own sweat.

*ZUMBA: Ditch the workout; join the party! This class uses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness dance program that will blow you away. You will develop core strength and cardiovascular strength, all while having fun!



We offer a variety of yoga classes. Each class and instructor will be somewhat different and will provide modifications when necessary. All participants should work at his or her pace. Not all classes will be appropriate for each individual so try out a few different classes with different instructors. 

HATHA YOGA: Focus on yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation to achieve balance between the mind and body. Improve flexibility, strength, concentration and relaxation.

IYENGAR YOGA: A type of Hatha Yoga which emphasizes precision and alignment. Postures are held for a longer duration to experience them fully. Build strength, circulation, relaxation, coordination and balance.

KRIPALU YOGA: A practice of turning inward to gain peace and strength. A focus on breath unites the mind and body as you flow through and hold postures. Kripalu is beneficial to all body types and all levels of fitness.

MAT PILATES: A full body class that strengthens and stretches the muscles. Deep core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercises. The focus is on quality not quantity and muscles are worked evenly to create balance in the body. Benefits include, improved posture, coordination, strength and flexibility. This class is more restorative than Power Pilates.

*POWER PILATES: Pilates-inspired with some gyrotonic exercises. Unlike many other forms of Pilates, this class is not as restorative. Come ready to be challenged for optimal results!

POWER YOGA: This class will introduce a more vigorous, athletic approach to yoga. The format is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. Classes are diverse and will vary with instructor philosophy. Participant Level: Intermediate and Advanced

90 MIN. POWER YOGA: Same as Power Yoga, but it is an additional 30 minutes, providing time to work through a greater number of poses and a longer final relaxation.

SUNRISE YOGA: Rise and shine and start your day off right! This class consists of a combination of flow and holding postures. Alignment, coordination and breath are emphasized. You will start your day with a new sense of vitality!

VINYASA FLOW YOGA: A vigorous type of Hatha Yoga consists of a continuous series of postures, which flow together. Postural alignment and coordination of breath and movement are emphasized.

*YOGAFIT: Based on the ancient fitness science of hatha yoga, YogaFit blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. It overcomes the mystery of yoga by delivering a practical, user-friendly style, which is accessible, understandable, and doable by individuals at any level of fitness.

Note: Classes with “Express” on the schedule are 45 minutes.

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