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Fitness Center Rules

1. Only Campus Recreation staff members may provide exercise instruction and private training.
2. Food, cell phones, chalk and personal belongings are not permitted in the Fitness Area.
3. Patrons must be at least 14 years old to enter the Fitness Center.
4. Athletic shoes must be worn in all fitness areas.
5. Profanity, yelling and grunting will not be tolerated.
6. Proper workout attire is required. Members must wear shirts covering the back and chest.
7. All drinks must be kept in spill-proof plastic containers.
8. Do not stack, bang, throw, or drop weights.
9. Due to space limitations and safety hazards, Olympic-style weightlifting is not allowed.
10. Return all weights and exercise accessories to their proper racks or locations after use.
11. When necessary, use a spotter. Fitness attendants are available to provide this service.
12. When performing multiple sets, allow other members to use the equipment during rest periods.
13. Use the provided cleaning stations to wipe down equipment after use.
14. Return borrowed reading materials to the designated area after use.
15. If other members are waiting for cardiovascular equipment, please observe a 30-minute time limit.
16. All cycle classes require advanced sign-up to guarantee a spot in the class.
17. There will be a 5-person wait list for cycle classes and those who arrive late will have their spot given to the next person on the wait list. Repetitive no shows will not be granted the privilege to take class.
18. Participants may NOT adjust the cycles other than handle bar height and seat height (no bringing your own pedals, seats, etc.) ONLY gel pads are allowed.
Members should bring a towel and water. Cleaning supplies are provided to wipe down the bikes after class.
19. Yoga mats are provided in group fitness classes, however, all members are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats for sanitary reasons. Yoga mats will be on sale at the equipment desk.