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Boston College Intramural Sports

Mission Statement

The Intramurals Program is dedicated to providing opportunities to engage in physical activity and fellowship in an organized sports environment. It is one aspect of the Campus Recreation Department’s attempt to nurture the Boston College community in mind, body, and spirit outside of the classroom.

Core Values

  • Fun: At the core of the Intramurals Program, there is a desire to provide participants with enjoyable programming in a positive, inviting environment.
  • Honesty: In order to maintain high standards throughout the Intramurals Program, we strive to uphold a culture of integrity, trust, fairness, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Respect: Sportsmanship is a focal point of the Intramurals Program; treating others with respect is not up for debate. Remember, in the end, we are all Eagles.
  • Professionalism: All intramural activity should be conducted in an organized, upstanding manner so that it can be a source of pride for all those involved.
  • Passion: Individuals participating in intramurals, whether a player or an official, should approach their role with positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • Community: The Intramurals Program is intended to promote lasting relationships and camaraderie at Boston College.

Goals of the Intramural Sports Program

1. Reduce Forfeits: Get forfeits to under 10%

2. Send Boston College IM Teams to Regionals: Last year, Boston College sent representatives to Springfield College and Boston University for NIRSA Regional Flag Football and Basketball Tournaments – this is a tradition that we hope to continue annually.

3. Send Officials to ref the Regional Tournaments: Boston College Intramurals is committed to giving its staff the opportunity to work on a larger platform and to use that experience to help improve BC Intramurals.

4. Offer More Activities: The Plex doesn’t have a lot of room for new leagues; however, we are working to find ways to provide weekend tournaments to diversify our programming.

5. Collect Participants’ Feedback: BC Intramurals is truly your program. Thus, in order to improve our programs, we will be making a focused effort throughout the year to get opinions from you, the participants.

Priorities of the Intramural Program

  • To provide a wide range of individual and team sports at varying levels of competitiveness to students, faculty and staff at Boston College.
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction and the development of lasting friendships.
  • To teach the value of sportsmanship, the principles of fair play, and a positive attitude.
  • To develop habits of participation in physical activity that can carry over into everyday living.
  • To develop physical fitness.
  • To provide leadership opportunities through participation.
  • To provide employment opportunities and educational experiences for students.