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Student Achievement Award Winners

The student achievement award is given to students each semester who provide excellent customer service, have a positive attitude and go above and beyond the call of duty to provide an excellent experience for our members!


Spring 2014 Winners



Jack Bulger
IM Official & Supervisor



Jacci Cousins
Lifeguard & Swim Instructor



Nikki Elliot
Fitness Instructor



Kelly Farrell
Marketing Assistant



Patty Tueme
Control Desk



Adam Wetherbee

Fall 2014 Winners

Chris DeLorenzo, Control Desk

Annie O'Malley, Equipment Desk

Nici Perreault, Office Assistant

Griffin Sharp, IM Official & Supervisor

DJ Webster, Personal Trainer

TJ Zegarelli, Fitness Attendant


Student Achievement Award Nominations

If you have had a positive experience dealing with one of our student employees, please nominate them for a Student Achievement Award on our Comments/Suggestions page!


47 Brand

Thank You to Our Sponsor

Special thanks to '47 Brand for their generous and continuing support of Campus Recreation and the Student Achievement Award.