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OPT Address Update

All international students working on OPT are required to fill out this form. You are also required to fill it out again whenever there is a change in the data.

1. Physical Address- Anytime you move, you must update your physical address

2. Employment Address- Anytime you change employers, you must update your employers name and address

You are not required to update both of these at the same time. Please just update the fields that have changed since you last filled it out.

For information on what qualifies as employment while on OPT please click here

If you are currently unemployed and seeking a job- Please choose this from the drop down menu and then submit the form. Once you obtain a job, then come back and fill out the form again, changing the dropdown to show that you have a job, and fill out your employers information.

If you have departed the US- Please choose this from the drop-down menu.

OPT Information







Employment Information


Residential Address Information