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The Division of University Mission and Ministry

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

from the staff of um&m, ummsc, fye, csf and campus ministry

Agnes Chung, LSOE, 2013
Agnes Chung, LSOE- UM&M
Mike Foley, A&S, 2013
Michael Foley, A&S- Office of FYE
Brittany Gazdad, A&S, 2013
Brittany Gazdad, A&S- Office of Campus Ministry
Charlie Howe, A&S, 2013
Charlie Howe, A&S-Office of FYE
Steve Pope, A&S, 2013
Steve Pope, A&S-Office of FYE
Claire Marinello, A&S
Claire Marinello, A&S- Office of Campus Ministry LAG
Jane Raymond, A&S
Jane Raymond, A&S-CSF
Erick Fernandez, A&S, 2013
Erick Fernandez, A&S- UM&M, UMMSC
Nicolas Fontaine, CSOM, 2013
Nicolas Fontaine, CSOM- Office of FYE
Frank Golden, CSOM, 2013
Frank Golden, CSOM-Office of FYE
Erica Navarro, A&S, 2013
Erica Navarro, A&S-Office of FYE
Christie Wentworth, A&S, 2013
Christie Wentworth, A&S-UM&M, UMMSC
George Hakimah, A&S
George Hakimah, A&S-CSF
Adizah Eghan, A&S
Adizah Eghan, A&S-CSF
Claire Gersuon, A&S
Claire Geruson, A&S-Office of Campus Ministry

Thank you to all of our graduating seniors!  We appreciated and enjoyed working with each of you in our offices in the
Division of University Mission and Ministry.
We wish you blessings and a bright future

Act as if everything depended on you; trust as if everything depended on God.
-St. Ignatius of Loyola

Richard Gentile, CSOM
Richard Gentile, CSOM-CSF
Chris Vaudo, A&S
Chris Vaudo, A&S-CSF
Doug Hernandez, A&S
Doug Hernandez, A&S-CSF
Kevin Decusatis, A&S
Kevin Decusatis, A&S-Office of Campus Ministry