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Program Requirements

the appalachia volunteers program

  1. Attendance: We meet every Sunday night at 6PM in the Eagles Nest.  New members are allowed to miss 2 meetings in the fall semester, returning members may miss 4.  All meetings are mandatory in the second semester.  Weekly meeting schedule can be found here.
  2. Terms and Conditions: Download and read our Terms and Conditions.  By signing the Terms and Conditions, you have solidified your participation as an Appalachia Volunteer.  
  3. Fundraising:
    a.  Dues: $50 are to be paid online here:
    After clicking on this link, click on the Campus Ministry link and then scroll down to Appalachia Spring.  Dues are non refundable
    b.  Letter Campaign: The majority of our funds are generated through our letter campaign.  Download the campaign letter from our "Forms" page and print and sign 11 copies.  Address and stamp 11 envelopes to 11 different households, organizations, institutions, internships, employers, etc.
    c.  Raffle: Download and print out the raffle tickets from the "Forms and Letters" page.  Each student must sell 40 $5 raffle tickets for a total of $200.  Once you have collected your $200, you will bring your 40 raffle tickets, complete with the purchasers's information on the front and your name written on the back of each ticket, to the meeting on December 2nd and pay your $200 online here: Please print the confirmation receipt of your payment.
    d.  Online Giving: please post this link on your social media pages:
    Send the link to your family, friends, coworkers, BC alumni, or anyone else who would be willing to donate to the Appalachia Volunteers.
  4. Days of Service:  As part of our commitment to enter into solidarity with the people who are poor in Boston, each Appalachia Volunteer must complete one day of service in the local area through the Appalachia program.  Days of service will be announced at the Sunday night meetings on our website.  Participants can sign up in the Appalachia office in McElroy, 111.  If you are signed up for a day of service, you must email at least 24 hours in advance to cancel; otherwise, you will jeopardize your participation in the program. 

Days of Service:
Click on this link for upcoming days of service!

Click here for Forms