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Nicaragua Program – Trip during Winter Break 2014-15

Arrupe International Immersion Program


Trip Destination: Nicaragua, in Central America. Participants spend time in Managua, the capitol, and a few days with families in the region of Esteli, in a rural village called Miraflor.
Trip Dates:
8, 9, or 10 days toward the end of winter break 2014-15.
Coordinating Organizations
: Boston College Campus Ministry, in collaboration with the Center for Global Education (CGE), an organization that has partnered with BC delegations for many years.
Safety Information: Please click here

The Center for Global Education Philosophy:

The pedagogy of all programs encourages an interdisciplinary approach to learning in which the content and process are strongly interrelated.  Participants are both teachers and learners, engaged in a continuing interplay between action and reflection.  The method is participatory, problem-posing and experiential.  Participants are invited to consider both theory and application in the context of their own experience.

Nicaragua Trip Itinerary: The B.C. Nicaragua delegation travels to Nicaragua where program participants collaborate with long-time in-country partner, the Center for Global Education. The people of Nicaragua, one of the poorest country in the western hemisphere, have survived many years of abject poverty, war and oppression. The Center for Global Education designs the trip’s itinerary and coordinates each day’s activities, which include meetings and conversations with representatives of the Catholic Church, including local Jesuits and their affiliates, the government, political parties, and non-governmental organizations involved with and committed to human rights, globalization and trade, sustainable agriculture and development, health, education, post-war transition and reconciliation, among other topics. While learning about macro-level social, economic, political, and religious issues from various perspectives, participants also have the opportunity to witness first-hand the joys and struggles of people impacted by policies and situations beyond their control. 

Participants also spend a few days with families in Miraflor, a rural community in Nicaragua that has survived the recent war and that continues to struggle while living in poverty. Miraflor will once again host B.C.’s delegation and share with participants their life experience.


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