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Selection Criteria

Arrupe International Immersion Program

For a person to be eligible to participate in an Arrupe faith-that-does-justice, intentional community-based international immersion program, she or he must:


  1. Be an undergraduate student at Boston College - unless she or he is serving as a Mentor or Student Leader.
    Note: Students studying abroad during a program's selection process are invited to apply - as long as they know that they will be physically back at Boston College for the semester before the trip, and for the semester after the trip.

  2. Not have participated in a previous Boston College-sponsored international service/immersion trip.
    Note: Students who have participated in a Boston College-sponsored study abroad program are eligible to apply for an Arrupe program.

  3. be at least 18 years old by the trip's departure date.

  4. Complete and submit: all required application materials: all forms, document copies and an initial fee of $150; and $25 + Solidarity Letter Campaign letters, all by specified due dates.

  5. Provide documented parent or guardian support to participate in the program and/or travel to a particular destination, if requested.

  6. Be in appropriate physical health.
    Note: This must be confirmed by a physician if requested

  7. Be in appropriate emotional/psychological/mental health.
    Note: Applications or program community members who exhibit signs of an emotional/psychological/mental health condition may be requested to provide documentation from a professional therapist of their emotional/psychological/mental readiness to participate in the immersion program to which they are applying and /or in which they are participating. Campus Ministry reserves the right to request that a participant withdraw from  the program in which she or he is involved if Campus Ministry and Arrupe program coordinators deem such a request necessary.

  8. Have adequate medical/health insurance that covers the program participant as she or he travels outside of the United States, and within the specific country(ies) that the traveling delegation visits during the trip.

  9. Along with fellow delegation community members, be responsible for covering all of the particular program's costs - including the trip, retreats, post activities, etc.
    Note: A student should not be discouraged from applying for a program because it seems cost-prohibitive. Such applicants should discuss funding options with the Arrupe director as soon as possible.

  10. Be in good standing with Boston College academically, financially, disciplinary, etc.

  11. Conduct self maturely, with integrity, and respectfully in relation to others at all times.

  12. Be patient and flexible with and understanding of fellow community members and leaders, program coordinators, and in-country partners.

  13. Be willing to work through conflicts with others and give and receive constructive feedback.

  14. Make the commitment required: Attend all pre-trip and post-trip Small Community meetings, retreats, presentations, liturgies, fundraising activities and events and any other educational or formational opportunities that might be planned as part of the full-year commitment.
    Notes: This translates to about 5 hours per week, with retreat weekends and the point drive week requiring additional hours.

  15. Be willing and able to cope with a variety of potentially challenging situations and circumstances, such as living very simply (i.e. eating food that may not be familiar or plentiful, sleeping in beds that may be less comfortable than one might be accustomed to, getting dirty, bathing rarely, and experiencing limited personal space, getting sick, having limited access to medical resources, etc.), living in the context of a small community, encountering people who live in abject poverty, etc.

  16. Be willing, able and eager to live with fellow community members in an intentional, faith-based community, in which one is willing, able and eager to share her/his life and faith journey with others in an honest, vulnerable, appropriate, and respectful way.

  17. Be willing, able and eager to explore one's faith using resources that come from BC's Jesuit Catholic traditions, heritage, and identity. This includes being willing to attend Catholic liturgies periodically, both at Boston College and during the trip.

  18. Be willing, able and eager to participate in the community service work projects and learning and formational opportunities proposed by the program's coordinators, leaders and in-country partners.

  19. Be willing and open to listening to and learning about economic and social injustices from the viewpoint of the people from the countries delegations visit.

  20. Be willing to learn about and be challenged by notions of power and privilege, as held by oneself and by others.

  21. Accept responsibilities for helping create the entire immersion program experience, including the trip, preparation, and follow up.

  22. Be committed to processing and sharing the experience with the overall Boston College community after returning from the trip.

  23. Be committed to honoring and enhancing the relationships between the individuals and communities visited during the trips and the Boston College community.

If there are more applicants who meet the selection criteria than there are spaces in a specific program, considerations may be made for:

  1. Creating a community--diverse in every way.
  2. Students who are able to offer particular skills, knowledge, expertise or experience to a particular international immersion experience.