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Fall Busy Student Retreat

fall 2014

The Fall Busy Student Retreat is free and takes place over two weeks, on campus, in the midst of your everyday life.  There are no requirements or prerequisites; anyone can make this retreat.  Many people find it a great way to incorporate some form of intentional prayer and spiritual growth into their everyday lives. 


The retreat has 3 components

  1. Time to Pray-Participants commit to 20 minites a day of prayer for the 16 days of the retreat.
  2. Companions-The retreat assigns students a spiritual companion, and participants meet 3 times with them over the course of the retreat.  These are one-half to one-hour individual meetings with any of several campus ministers or other BC faculty/staff to discuss any issues relating to one's faith and life experience.
    Click here for a more comprehensive description of meeting wit a spiritual companion. 
  3. Gatherings-The retreat offers 4 opportunities for everyone participating in the retreat to gather for community prayer and reflection.  Participants receive a calendar of the gathering times with other events after signing up. 

Contact Rick Rossi, Campus Minister, for more information