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Buddhism Club at BC


The Boston College Buddhism Club provides an open and welcoming environment for all students and faculty who have an interest in Buddhist meditation practices and philosophy. Drawing from Tibetan, Zen, Chan and other traditions, we host weekly meditation sessions that put the often-stressful college life in a broader perspective. Come by and see what we're about! People of all or no faiths are welcome!



                  Q: When are the meetings?
                  A: The meetings will be every Thursday from 8-9PM
                       Located at the Multi-Faith Center in the courtyard of 66      

                  Q: Does the Buddhism Club have a website?
                  A: See us on Facebook!

                  Q: Who is the main contact person for the Buddhism Club?
                  A: The main contact person is Jon Makransky & Leslie Snapper

                  Q: Can I email the Buddhism Club?
                  A: you can email Jon,, or Leslie,