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Building Forms

Download the pdf below for in-depth instructions on building forms in Adobe CQ.

Please note: These files are Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) formatted files. To view them, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat file reader.

The BC Training and Communications group also offers a class: Using Forms in Adobe CQ. Please go to this page to access the training calendar.

Please note: there is a bug in the current 5.4 version of Adobe CQ that causes a "Internal Server Error" message when using either the "Radio Group" and "Checkbox Group" Form components in your form. The workaround for this is to constrain those components by checking the "Constraints > Required" feature in them.

A requirement of the Form component is that a valid email address be entered in the Form > Advanced Tab > Action Configuration > From field. A valid email address is one that has the (@) symbol and is an legitimate email account.
For example, if a non-existent email account like "" is used in the From field, the email functionality of the form will not work correctly. Please refer to the image below.

Please note: is an actual email account and can be used successfully in the Form component.

Screen shot of Form Action Configuration field

For more information on this, please email