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How to Apply

for the intersections kolvenbach grants program

      Application Procedures:

  1. Applications will be accepted three times per year: end of January,
    end of June,  and end of September.

  2. Applications should be roughly 2-3 pages in length and should
    include the following:
  • Explain the connections between your trip or retreat and your
    proposal.  Was there a particular conversation, speaker, event,
    or experience that led to your proposal?
  • Describe your proposed plan: what is it that you intend to do?
    What is your projected timeline? How does your proposal relate
    to your current work? IF your proposal involves a spiritual
    retreat, explain why you want to do it and what you hope to
    get out of it.
  • For proposals that involve collaboration with others, identify
    your collaborators, briefly describe conversations that you've
    had with them, and explain the nature and duration of the

    3.  Proposals will be evaluated by a committee consisting of faculty
         and administrators within University Mission and Ministry. 
         Preference will be given to faculty members, since they seldom
         have access to budgets that might cover the sorts of projects we
         are envisioning. 

    4.  Grant recipients agree to provide Intersections with a short write-up
         about their project or activity once completed, for use on our

    5.  Please email applications and all related material to Burt Howell,
         Director, Intersections at
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