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international programs

Summer Course Offerings 2011

office of international programs


Sydney, Australia

International Comparisons in Child and Family Social Policy


Mussoorie, India

Creative Writing Workshop: Writing Out of Place


London, England

Literary London: Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf

Bordeaux, France

Popular Culture in France
Intensive Intermediate French
Post-Intermediate French: Independent Study

Paris, France

Modernism: 20th Century and the Tradition

Berlin, Germany

Intensive Intermediate German
Economic Policy Analysis from a European Perspective

Athens, Greece

Christianity and Philosophy in Greece

Dublin, Ireland

Irish Landscapes: Islands, Biodiversity, and Climate Change
Irish Culture
Introduction to Law & the Legal Process
James Joyce’s Ireland

Parma, Italy

Intermediate Italian

Rome, Italy

Catholics in Rome and America: Current Ethical Issues
Art & Patronage in Renaissance & Baroque Rome

Venice, Italy

Dwelling between East & West: the Philosophy of Architecture
The Imaginary City: Why Writers Love Venice
Venice: an Imperiled City in Comparative Perspective

Madrid, Spain

Soundscapes of Early Modern Spain: Court, Cloister and Chapel
Art History: from Al-Andalus to Picasso

Istanbul, Turkey

Exploring the Religious Worlds of Istanbul and Anatolia


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina: History and Culture

Santiago, Chile

Through the Eyes of Service: Social Justice in Chile

Quito, Ecuador

Indigenous Movements and the Nation in 20th Century Latin America
Global Health Perspectives

Managua, Nicaragua

Gender and Development in Latin America


Kuwait City, Kuwait

Politics and Oil

Tel Aviv, Israel

Mediterranean Conflations


Dublin, Ireland
Please contact OIP about other possible internship locations.

Drawing course in Venice, Sumer  2010