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Politics and Oil

office of international programs

Photo: Hannah Hilligoss
Kuwait City, Kuwait

This seminar addresses the comparative and international politics of the Gulf States, with emphasis on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It analyzes state formation, state-society relations, democratization, the rise of Islamism and regime stability, foreign policies, regional politics, and the politics of OPEC and international oil markets.  It also assesses the effects of oil on domestic politics and foreign policy, including the trade-offs of wealth for regional power and political continuity. Finally, it highlights pressures for political liberalization and growth in civil society.  

Students visit sites of political, religious, and historical significance throughout Kuwait and the Gulf, attend presentations at the National Assembly and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and take part in joint sessions with English-speaking Kuwaiti students of the same age.

Professor Kathleen Bailey, Department of Political Science


• 3 credits

• Arrival/Departure: May 21 - June 16

• Course #: PO475/IC475

• IC475 Islamic Civilization & Society major/minor elective

• PO475 Political Science major elective


Estimated Student Cost (2013)


Prof. Kathleen Bailey, Department of Political Science

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Featured article by Dr. Bailey, Kuwait program faculty leader in the BC Energy and Environment Alumni Network (BCEEAN)'s fall newsletter.