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Venice: an Imperiled City in Comparative Perspective

office of international programs

Venice, Italy

This seminar focuses on the plight of cities perennially imperiled by floods comparing Venice to Amsterdam and New Orleans. It combines the study of history, ecology, public policy and political science. It examines how floods and the threat of flooding have shaped physically, politically and culturally shaped these cities. The readings for the seminar include works of fiction, memoirs, journalism, and architectural history as well as ecology, political science and public policy. Since the seminar takes place in Venice, students are able to observe firsthand the variety of ways in which the flood threat has affected the city and the diverse means it has adopted to cope with that threat.

Professor Marc Landy, Department of Political Science



3 credits

Arrival/Departure Dates: June 3 - 30

Political Science major/minor elective

Course #: PO217


Estimated Student Cost (2012)