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Drawing from the Venetian Masters

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Image courtesy of Taylor Cavallo, Elizabeth Gavin, Jenna Rocker

Venice, Italy

    This is an introductory-level studio art course that examines the process, materials, and issues addressed in exploration of the basic principles and concepts of making visual artwork through drawing. The goal of this class is to connect to that tradition by synthesizing visual language, images that one would want to contemplate and retain. The first few days will be spent learning drawing skills through daily class assignments. After a few introductory drawing classes at the school, most of the classes will be spent visiting museums and churches to view and draw from the great works. The class will make multiple visits to the Gallerie Dell’ Accademia.  The development of Venetian art is represented in the Accademia collection.  You will draw workings by Giovanni Bellini, Vittore Carpaccio, Titian Vecello, Jacopo Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and others.  The class will also visit the paintings housed in their original sites at: The Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa Die Frari, The Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute, Church of the Gesuiti, The Scoula Grande di San Rocco, and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, and other sites.

    The readings from Painting in Renaissance Venice, by Peter Humfrey, will introduce students to the history of Venetian Renaissance Painting. The class will challenge the students to absorb and understand the visual culture of Venice, its traditions and achievements.

Fulfills the Fine Arts Core Credit. The course is taught by Professor Alston Conley, Department of Fine Arts.


• 3 credits

• Arrival/Departure: June 2 - 30

• Fine Arts Core; Arts major/minor elective

• Course #: FS175


Estimated Student Cost (2013)


Prof. Alston Conley, Department of Fine Arts

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