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James Joyce’s Ireland

office of international programs

Dublin, Ireland

The greatest chronicler of the twentieth century, the ultimate definer of Dublin and Dubliners, he’s the most important novelist you’re likely to read. Over the course of three weeks, then, we’ll engage through text, sound, and the most up-to-date technology with as many facets of James Joyce’s wonderful life and exciting works as we can cram in. Our Joyce in Dublin program is all about learning to see Joyce’s text through Joyce’s eyes and hear it in the words that he, with such great care, choose for his profound writings. Tracing the texts from his childhood and adolescence in Ireland to his writing in Trieste and Paris, our approach is frankly biographical. The program will be interactive and rigorous and technological—and it’ll be fun. We’ll use Mediakron and the iPhone app, JoyceWays, to trace the movement of the author and his characters across these exhilarating texts and their actual landscape. Most excitingly you’ll be the first users of our own Student’s Guide for Students to Dubliners—presenting a wholly new reading approach to Joyce’s most accessible works. The program’s aim is to show that the humor and profundity of this great author, often thought incomprehensible to the ordinary reader, is available to everyone. Yes—that means you, whether or not you’ve previously encountered Joyce, whether or not you’re even an English major.

Professor Joseph Nugent, Department of English


• 3 Credits

• Arrival/Departure: August 3 - August 25

• English major/minor elective 

• Irish Studies minor elective

• Course #: EN102

Estimated Student Cost (2013)



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Prof. Joseph Nugent, Department of English

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