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Business, History, & Politics of Sport

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Dublin, Ireland

Sport is one of the biggest businesses of the contemporary world, and a topic that has fascinated people since it emerged, in its modern form, during the Victorian era. The aim of this course is to introduce the students to the study of sport from a scholarly perspective, and help them understand how the sporting world has reflected and informed wider issues in business, history and politics. The approach, throughout the course, will be global, and classes will switch from country to country and, in analyzing mega events such as the Olympics or the soccer world cup, acknowledge that sport is regularly configured as a competition between all the nations of the world.

The course will also explore how sport has been represented in literature, in films and through advertising, while also looking at sports darker sides, such as its links with aggressive nationalism, and the problems around drugs and cheating. Through visits and meetings with people working in the world of sport, students will also gain a strong understanding of the contemporary sports business.

The course will take place in Ireland, home to one of the richest sporting cultures in Europe. Students will spend nine days in the capital, Dublin, and the remainder of the time in Galway. Accommodation will be provided on University campuses, and students will have the support of the staff of Boston College Ireland. Throughout the course, students will be taken to various sporting sites in Ireland and, in meeting with professionals who work in various sectors of the sporting world, will understand what it is like to work in various areas of the industry.

There will also be a range of trips and cultural experiences to that students will have the opportunity to experience Ireland as a tourist and heritage destination.

The course will appeal to students who have an interest in, or else who are actively involved in sport, its history and contemporary debates, those who are considering graduate study in a sports related area, or else have one eye on the possibility of a career in the world of sport.

Professor Mike Cronin, Irish Studies Program




• 3 credits

• Arrival/departure: June 1 - June 23


Estimated Student Cost (2013)


Prof. Mike Cronin, Irish Studies Program

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