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Economic Policy Analysis from a European Perspective

office of international programs

Berlin, Germany

The current turmoil in Europe over the Greek financial crisis has focused attention on the Eurozone, its viability, and the stresses within a monetary union with limited fiscal powers. Just as in the US and UK, a number of European banks and financial institutions have been adversely affected by the broader financial crisis. But these financial issues are a subset of the major policy challenges facing European countries within the EU, those in the Eurozone, and those outside one or both of those clubs. 

The policy challenges facing European economies, and the methods used to study and address them, are the focus of this summer seminar on economic policy analysis from a European perspective. The seminar will involve a series of lectures on the major policy issues, with readings from the current policy literature, interspersed with presentations by leading researchers at DIW Berlin, a highly respected German policy research institute. Guest lecturers will focus on their research areas of specialization and present a practical understanding of the issues. Emphasis will be placed on how policy analysis is carried out, including its expositional and methodological aspects, in order to provide clear and convincing findings to government, business, academe and the media.

Professor Christopher F Baum, Department of Economics and Research Professor, DIW Berlin




• 3 credits

• Arrival/Departure: May 22 - June 14

• A & S Econ major/minor elective

• CSOM Econ concentration

• International Studies major/minor elective

• Course #: EC368 / IN368


Estimated Student Cost (2013)


Prof. Christopher F. Baum, Department of Economics and Research Professor, DIW Berlin

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