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Through the Eyes of Service: Social Justice in Chile

office of international programs

Santiago, Chile

This seminar explores the interplay of liberation theology and political philosophy in shaping contemporary Chilean culture and society.  Student’s class work supplement a service component in Santiago which provides a lens through which to observe and assess the concrete impacts of these schools of thought on the lives of the people of Chile, and to some extent on the lives of other people of Latin America in whose countries these same dynamics have come into play.  The observations made in the process of serving in the community will be brought back to the classroom to help students develop an understanding of the relationship between philosophical and theological social theories and the lived reality that flows from the way those theories are or are not implemented.

Note: Participants must be at an intermediate level of Spanish.

Professor David McMenamin, Department of Theology


• 4 credits

• Arrival/Departure: July 27 - August 25

• Philosophy major/minor elective

• Theology major/minor elective

• Course #: PL421


Estimated Student Cost (2013)


Prof. David McMenamin, Department of Theology

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