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Register student i>clickers

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In order for i>clicker to match responses with student names, you’ll need to have the students register their i>clickers.

Registering i>clicker Remotes Using the BC Portal

Online registration is recommended, especially for classes of 50 students or more. Direct your students to login to the Portal and open the My Services tab, then select i>clicker@BC, and follow the instructions there. When they access the registration form it will have their name and BC user name pre-filled, and they should leave those fields as they are and fill in the only remaining one, for the i>clicker number.
Instructions for students are available on the How to register your i>clicker page.

Synchronizing Web Registrations

NOTE: Before you can use the Web Synchronization feature in i>grader, you must run one i>clicker session  in which your students respond to at least one question, and your students need to register their i>clicker remotes in the BC Portal.

To synchronize web registrations with your Blackboard Vista roster:

1. Double-click the i>grader icon, select your course, and click Open i>grader. You will see your session(s), labeled by date, and you will see remote IDs in red on the left.

Synchronizing web registration button

Troubleshooting tip: If you do not see a column of remote IDs in red on the left, you may not have run a polling session with your students yet. Please run a session in i>clicker before attempting the Web Synchronization function.

2. Click the Synchronize Student Web Registrations button.

The Web Synchronization function will take the remote IDs from the session you conducted with your students, and look for them via a database server. It will match the i>clicker remotes used in your class to the user IDs your students registered with in the Portal. The user IDs are then checked against the user names found in the exported file from Blackboard Vista. If your students did not register using their BC user names, you will be prompted to accept or ignore the registration. You can jot down that user’s information and choose ignore, then ask the student to register again using the correct information.

If someone joins the class late or needs to purchase a new i>clicker, it may be easiest to register the new number by typing it in directly. See the notes on "Adding a Student or Making Changes After Registration" below.

Registering Using In-Class Roll Call

1. Project your computer screen and start an i>clicker session.

2. Click the Settings Button on the right of the i>clicker toolbar, and in the menu which appears select Roll Call Registration.

Roll call registration in the toolbar

3. Your pre-loaded class roster will begin scrolling. Detailed instructions for your students are included on screen. Click Close on the bottom right when the process is complete.

Roll call registration view

NOTE: the line of the Roll Call window says “To CLEAR your registration, press DD.” Students should only do this if they have pressed a button incorrectly

WARNING: If after closing the roll call you try to exit the i>clicker program, you may find that it doesn’t respond when you click OK to confirm. If this happens, simply click the i>clicker icon in the dock and then click OK, and it will respond. If you force quit the i>clicker program the registrations will not be saved.

Adding a Student or Making Changes After Registration

If the student is new to your class, he or she will need to be in your roster file, meaning that you will have to download a new one using the steps above (you can overwrite the previous version). If the student has been in your roster all along but missed the class in which you registered the i>clickers, you will not need to download a new roster file.

Click on the name of a student in i>grader, and a dialog box will appear, in which you may edit or add an i>clicker ID for that student. Names that are red in i>grader have not yet been registered to an i>clicker, so you can see at a glance which students still need to be registered.

Manually registering student IDs