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Working with scoring data and grading

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Scores can be exported out of i>grader to a .csv spreadsheet which will open in Excel. A continuation of the same process will bring them into the Canvas gradebook, if your i>clicker is configured for integration with Canvas.

  • NOTE: The export includes only the total number of points for each student from each session, not scores on individual questions.

1. To begin, open your i>grader application.

open iGrader

2. Select your course and click "Choose".

choose course

If the Session Summary Instructions box appears, click "Close".

3. Select the upload button. This will open the Export Session Data box.


4. Select the session or sessions you wish to export and click "Export".


5. Click "Okay" on the dialogue box stating that the Export is complete.  The file can be retrieved from the i>clicker folder, in Classes > Name of class.
6. If i>clicker is integrated with Canvas, the integrate window will open, allowing you to Log into your Canvas course. Click "Log In".
7. Select the course you are uploading scores to. Click "Upload Scores".

upload scores

8. You will see a "Data uploaded successfully" message once the upload has taken place successfully. Click "OK". 

Data uploaded successfully

9. Your i>clicker scores will now appear in your canvas gradebook where you can easily move them around, rename them, and manipulate them as though they were assignments.