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Working with scoring data and grading

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Using Blackboard Vista and exporting i>clicker scores into the Gradebook

Uploading grades from i>grader into Blackboard

NOTE: The export includes only the total number of points for each student from each session, not scores on individual questions.

1. When you are ready to upload your i>clicker polling data into Blackboard Vista, open i>grader. In the lower right hand corner you should see “Output formatted for: WebCT Vista.” If this is not what you see, refer to the section Set options for Blackboard Vista and in-class roll-call registration and follow steps 1 through 3.

Image of Export Data from iGrader

2. To export data from one or multiple sessions, click the export icon second from the left.

  • A window will pop up displaying the sessions you have run thus far.  
  • From here you may choose one or more sessions to export. To export scores for the whole term, click Select All.
  • After you have chosen the session(s), click Export.  The scores will be saved in your course folder in a file called Uploadfile.csv (e.g., iclicker Win\Classes\Sample Course\Uploadfile.csv or i>clicker Mac:Classes:Sample Course:Uploadfile.csv.) You may see a confirmation that the scores have been stored there, but sometimes it fails to include the file path.

NOTE: Only one Uploadfile.csv can exist in your course folder at once. If you wish to export data into more than one file during a single i>grader session, you will need to move or rename the previously created Uploadfile.csv before exporting a different selection of sessions. When you no longer need the information in the exported file, you may leave it in your course folder and it will simply be overwritten the next time you need to export.

3. Log into Blackboard Vista (and into your course) and go back to Grade Book (Teach > Instructor Tools > Grade Book).

4. Locate and select the Import from Spreadsheet option.

Image of Import from Spreadsheet

5. From the Import File page, click Browse or Choose and select the Uploadfile.csv from your course folder (e.g., iclicker Win\Classes\Sample Cal State Course\Uploadfile.csv or i>clicker Mac:Classes:Sample Cal State Course:Uploadfile.csv.). Keep the settings Separator: Comma and Character Set: Unicode (UTF-8).

Image of BlackBoard Import File page

6. Click Upload.

7. You will then be taken to a new Import File page, an example of which is shown below. The User ID column is required and must be set as noted in the screenshot. For all other rows of data, select Add as new column for any grades you wish to import, and Do not import for all other columns. For example, if you exported an entire term of i>clicker sessions but wanted to add only the total points (no individual sessions) to your Grade Book, you would select Add as new column for Total and Do not import for all other columns.

Image of BlackBoard Import File page

TIP: The Match column on this Import File screen alerts you if there is already an entry in your Vista Grade Book with the same name as the column you are about to import. The User ID column is used to match the data in your file with the students in your Grade Book and should have a green check next to it. If you see a green check for any other row of data in the spreadsheet, make certain that you manually select the Add as new column option from the drop-down list, or you will over-write.

8. After selecting the above, click Import.

9. Click OK when you will see an Import Errors page. This will list any columns that you chose not to import, as well as any columns that were renamed to avoid duplicate column names.

10. After import, review your new data in the Gradebook.

NOTE: Newly imported columns are hidden by default so you'll need to make them visible:

  • Click Grade Book Options in the upper right corner and select Column Settings from the menu.
  • Scroll to the right until the column appears.
  • In the “Grade Column and “Released to Student” rows, click “No” and it will turn into “Yes.” Click Grade Book in the bread crumb trail at the top, and you will return to the table of grades with the new columns visible.

TIP: New columns will be in Text format. If you wish to include them in a calculation they must be numeric, and can be converted as follows:

  1. Click Grade Book Options in the upper right corner and select Column Settings from the menu.
  2. Scroll to the right until the column appears.
  3. Click “Text” at the top of the column to open the Convert Column Type window. Make sure the New Value menu has Numeric selected, and click Save. You will see a confirmation screen showing the converted column values, which should be the same as they were. Click Apply, and you will return to the table of grades with the new column showing as Numeric.