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Changing Your Send-As Address

How to change your send-as address to

1. Login to Google Apps for Education (

2. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

gear icon

3. Select Settings.


4. Select the Accounts tab and click on Add another email address you own.


5. Enter the email alias you want in the form of Make sure that Treat as an Alias is checked, and then click on Next Step>>.


6. Confirm the email address you want is displayed, and if it is correct, click on Send Verification.


7. You will receive an email message like the one shown below. Confirm the email address you selected is listed, and note the Confirmation Code provided.


8. Enter the Confirmation Code into the provided box and click Verify. You may also click on the confirmation link in the email you received to confirm your request.


9. Back on the Accounts tab of the Settings page, click on "make default," next to the new email alias you've added.


10. Your page should look something like the one shown below, with your new email alias showing as "default."

default view

11. If you use the web interface to send email, your send-as address will be your new default. BUT, if you want this address used in mail clients or mobile devices, they need to be set up as well. Use the  Configure an IMAP Account settings as described in the documentation.