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Information Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Going Google at BC

Getting started on Google Apps includes how to change your Password2, log on to your new email account, link existing email accounts, and use additional features like Google Drive, Calendar, and Groups.

Are BC faculty and staff migrating to Google Apps for Education?
Future migration of faculty and staff accounts to BC’s Google Apps will be assessed with guidance from the Provost’s Office. If you have further questions about this, please contact Scott Cann, Technology Director, IT Support Services, at

Are applicants to BC affected by this?
No, only current BC students are affected.

What will the URL be for Google Apps at BC?
The URL is Your log in will not work until your scheduled migration time.

How do I set my Secondary Password?
You can create or reset your Secondary Password through the Portal.

How much storage will I have on Google Apps for Education?
30 GB across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google + photos.

What is the maximum size for email attachments?
25 MB

What will happen to the mail in my current BC account after we move to Gmail?
All mail in your current mailbox will migrate to Gmail.

I already forward to a Gmail account. What will happen after I migrate?
Your forwarding will no longer work. If you wish to continue to forward your BC email to your non-BC Gmail account, follow these instructions.

Will my email signature migrate to Gmail?
No. Instructions on creating a signature in Gmail are here.

Will my Contacts migrate to Gmail?
No. First, follow these instructions to save your contacts as a vCard.
Then, follow these instructions to import them to Gmail.

After the migration is complete, will I still be able to log into my old account?

Is Gmail private and confidential?
Yes. Learn about Google Apps, security, and privacy.

What languages are supported by Gmail?
Gmail supports many languages.

Which web browsers can I use with Google Apps?
Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, and Safari 3+.

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